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1, 2, 3... THRASH!

Thanks for not fucking me big time.

13 March
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I sell shit.
I run a distro.
I make noise.
It's been said that I'm not human.
13, 27, 324, abdullah, acid bath, agents of oblivion, agoraphobic nosebleed, amelia gagheart, amoebic dysentery, anal blast, anal cunt, antischism, antisect, arab on radar, asshole parade, assuck, attak, aus rotten, avskum, axegrinder, bathtub shitter, benumb, birdflesh, black flag, black sabbath, blood for blood, boris, born/dead, brutal truth, burning witch, burzum, buzzov·en, carcass, cattle decapitation, chaotic dischord, charles bronson, church of misery, circle jerks, clit 45, cock sparrer, colombian necktie, converge, corrupted, crucifix, crux, cunt throbbing masculinity, cybergrind, darkthrone, defiance, depressor, discharge, discordance axis, disrespect, disrupt, diy, doom, driller killer, drop dead, dysrhythmia, dystopia, electric wizard, enemy soil, engorged, exhumed, extreme noise terror, eyehategod, faith no more, filth, frightmare, fuck on the beach, fuck...i'm dead, general surgery, gg allin, ghoul, goatwhore, godspeed you black emperor, gore beyond necropsy, goregrind, grief, grindcore, gwar, high on fire, his hero is gone, house of low culture, isis, japanese torture comedy hour, johnny cash, khanate, last days of humanity, lethargy, lightning bolt, lividity, lymphatic phlegm, man is the bastard, melt banana, misery, mr. bungle, municipal waste, napalm death, nasum, nausea, neuraxis, neurosis, noise, noothgrush, oi polloi, old man gloom, pelican, pig destroyer, prosthetic cunt, regurgitate, s.o.b., saint vitus, scum bitch, septic death, septic flesh, skitsystem, sleep, sleepytime gorilla museum, sludge, sodomized by marcia brady, soilent green, sourvein, southern lord, spazz, subhumans, suicidal tendencies, sunn0))), the melvins, the obsessed, thulsa doom, today is the day, torsofuck, totalitar, toxic holocaust, toxic narcotic, tragedy, upside down cross, vaginal jesus, venom, waco jesus, ween, wolfbrigade